Shane Safir is an exceptional facilitator, who understands the complexities of school environments.  She came to my school to coach and support me during a difficult year as principal.  Shane surfaced underlying issues and helped a divided community identify common goals and vision for our school.  She helped me grow as an educational leader. She was respected by staff members who held diverse points of view.

Shane provided structure in a year-long process to build a unified school community.  We met early in the year to identify issues and goals.  She provided excellent coaching to me, and helped me see multiple perspectives.    I learned better communication skills and effective strategies for hashing out conflict in productive ways.  An outcome for our school was a shared arts vision for our school.  We discovered that our staff had common values about the arts that brought us together, despite differences and hurt feelings.

We still value the norms we developed with her – including allowing time and space to process the affective impact of issues on staff as we move through the school year.

There may be other people who can facilitate and coach; however, Shane brings a clear understanding of education and the stresses inherent in the institution.  She is remarkably calm, positive and insightful.  I could not have supported our school to achieve the positive and lasting outcomes that we achieved without Shane’s guidance and expertise.

Kristin Collins, Elementary School Principal

Shane is a highly skilled coach whose close and careful attention to people, systems and children makes her a powerful leader. She has a wealth of experience and resources to bring to any educational group working to transform their school.

Elena Aguilar, Transformational Leadership Coach, School Improvement Grant Director, Writer


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