Shane is one of the best facilitators and coaches I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been working in education. Whether leading a group or coaching an individual, Shane brings a warm, supportive, reflective and responsive presence to her work. She gives clients room to identify and express what they most value and need, explore new possibilities, and feel ownership of the direction of the work they are engaged in. Shane carries deep knowledge of and experience with transformational instruction and leadership, which supports her clients to envision and implement new actions. In the time that she served as my supervisor, I experienced the positive impact of her style and skill as she supported me to refine my work in both coaching and facilitation.

Colm Davis, Senior Coach, National Equity Project

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shane in my role of Principal at Rosa Parks Elementary in Berkeley and Principal of Emerson Elementary in Oakland. Shane truly understands how to provide coaching and support in order to enact meaningful change in schools. During my time with her in Berkeley, she provided individual coaching for me which assisted me in crafting my school vision and gave me the tools I needed to work with my community to set the foundation for changes to better serve all of our students. As a result of that work, we were able to set the foundation which successfully helped Rosa Parks move from a PI Year 5+ school to the highest achieving elementary school in Berkeley.

Shane worked with my Instructional Leadership Team at Emerson in Oakland and helped give them some practical and concrete tools that they could implement as teacher leaders for equity. As a result of the work that we did with Shane, we were able to revise our professional development plan and start to dig deeply into some of the issues which were holding us back from being able to work as a cohesive unit for the betterment of our students.

Shane is a master at really getting down to the issues that are getting in the way of enacting meaningful change in a manner that is supportive and helpful. She is professional and knows how to walk that fine line between pushing one to look at ones own practices more deeply in a way that is supportive and helpful.

Kathy Hatzke, Principal, Oakland Unified School District