Jacqueline Jenkins, Ph.D., Vice President of Learning, Research & Intelligence, United Way of New York City

Shane has been an incredible asset to United Way of New York City as one of the primary designers and facilitators of the campaign for grade-level reading initiative that we launched in Fall 2013.  As the chief architect of our work with elementary school administrators, teachers, early childhood educators, and community service providers in the South Bronx, Shane has brought her interdisciplinary expertise and a wide-range of exemplary skills to the work.

With warmth, humor, vision, and an ability to design and deliver high-quality adult learning experiences, Shane has helped United Way senior staff kick-off a very complex, large-scale community change agenda that places educators at the center and that will scale up to 9 additional high-need communities in New York City during the next 3 years. The scope of the work is ambitious: New York City’s grade-level reading initiative is predicated upon the pillars of collective impact and grounded in a birth-to-eight framework that seeks to simultaneously transform the will and skill of early learning educators and mobilize a cross-section of community partners, philanthropists, and business leaders who are invested in the success of our schools and neighborhoods.

Shane is intensively coaching the instructional leaders to work together across school sites to design a theory of action that includes a robust vision for community engagement and partnership that is a new way of working for them.  Shane competed for this contract against a formidable, experienced group of local and national experts in urban education, equity-frameworks, professional development, leadership coaching, and school change, and she was without a doubt the right choice for the work.  She brings a rare combination of knowledge, skill, and experience when it comes to deeply understanding the cultural and structural opportunities and barriers that urban educators face in their schools and communities. I highly recommend her without reservation.